Website Update!

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that our URL has changed: instead of the long and unpronounceable (which is probably still lurking on the internet somewhere) we’ve got the shiny new domain of!  (I have already apologised to the other Harry Derbyshires out there for nabbing the good domain name.) I’ve been advised by my tech team/tech man/Danny whose radio show I mess up at least once a week- that this will be better and more efficient.  Although on the surface it looks like not much has changed, it’s making this website so much easier to run and to organise, which is a bonus.  The only downside is that now I have to rerecord all the intros and outros to the podcast recordings with the correct websites in them, but that’s not too bad considering I was looking for an excuse to rerecord them anyway.

The editing (which is fast becoming my least favourite bit of the podcast process) is plodding away nicely, and it should be done and dusted quite soon (fingers crossed.)  I find once I sit down to edit I end up doing more than I expected to, but it’s the knuckling down into doing work that’s the tricky bit.

Progress has been made, and progress still needs to be made, but the end is drawing closer.



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