I become a page 7 girl!

I’m very excited (but nonetheless apprehensive) to announce that the first episode of this podcast is going to be released on this Thursday, the 26th.  You’ll be able to find the episode on this website and also on the podcast app- just search for ‘Harry Derbyshire should be Heard but not Seen.’

I wrote and recorded this episode a year and a bit ago, so it’s quite strange that it’s only being released now, because I’ve been sitting on this material for so long.  During the writing of the first episode I was just finding my feet writing audio sketches, because before I’d only ever written sketches for film or stage, and not having the visual element wasn’t something I was used to.  Some of the material I’m not sure works, but conversely some of it I’m so, so proud of, and I’m excited for people to be able to hear it.  The rest of the episodes will be coming out weekly after that- so be sure to listen to them too because the writing certainly got easier as it went along.

The first episode kicks off with a frazzled radio host trying to get a guest to realise that radio isn’t a visual medium, and there’s also a politician who’s also a great fan of astrology.  Also with a disc jockey who’s lost her way in life, the WWF’s new advert for a slightly different cause, and a judgy new lady in charge of national PSAs, the episode should be a good listen.

The other news (and what the title of this post pertains to) is that the Herts Advertiser are going to be running an article about the podcast this Thursday- so find it on page 7 soon!

I hope you enjoy it when it comes out,

Harry x

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