Episode 1 – Art and Astrology?

The first episode is here!ย  In this episode a radio host comes across a difficult guest, some Tudor girls decide to troll a well known playwright, a politician defends her vote in parliament and the Lib Dems put out a new campaign advert…

Written, performed and produced by Harry Derbyshire

Additional voices provided by the mononymous Eleanor

Thanks to Danny Smith for technical support


(all information correct at the date of recording, which admittedly was last year)

5 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Art and Astrology?

  1. Harry, I must say this gave me quite the pleasant surprise, as it really made me laugh my ruddy socks off. This was brilliant with a dash of savage and a sprinkle of “please don’t ever end”.Keep up the good work!!

    (love you bro!)

    1. Why thank you! They’ll be released each Thursday for 5 more episodes! (I did have a Roman sketch in the next episode but it didn’t make the final cut… but there is a Jane Austen one sometime.)

  2. Harry this is so good this is the first podcast i’ve heard ever! This has made me laugh alot and is really interesting please keep going Parisa J

    1. Thank you so much! If you’re on the podcast app, do give us a rating! The last episode is coming out tomorrow so stay tuned- Harry x

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